ORLIG Gamification

Create winners at work

Transform your work environment and let teams compete to be the absolute best in their domain. It’s a new way of working where simulation is used to tune mindsets towards performance and the desire to win.


    orlig gamification

    Features you’ll love:

    Preloaded games

    Preloaded games

    With a growing collection of strategically designed games ready to boost performance, you’ll always have something new to keep challenges fresh and exciting.

    Forget boring tasks

    With game mechanics, even repetitive tasks can become fun – especially when there’s the respect and admiration of teammates to be earned!

    Forget boring tasks
    Get real results

    Get real results

    Triggers that go off with every new appointment, number of contact actions, links clicked and deals clinched mean someone’s making waves in the office –this will drive others to raise their game too!

    Celebrate accomplishments

    Make every victory matter and acknowledge wins by sharing the news. A team member who’s recognised and appreciated will be motivated to continue doing their best.

    Celebrate accomplishments

    Gamification turns up the action
    in every department. Here’s how:

    icon sales


    • Increase sales 
    • Drive collaboration
    • Nurture new employees 
    icon services


    • Improve service turnaround time
    • Boost team collaboration
    • Increase contribution to knowledge base 
    • Streamline service process flow
    • Accelerate soft skills learning
    • Measure service improvements
    icon marketing


    • Enhance loyalty management 
    • Build brand awareness
    • Diversify marketing campaigns 
    icon hr


    • Improve talent acquisition 
    • Cultivate company culture 
    • Retain valued employees 
    • Incentivise paperwork
    • Map path to career success 
    icon traning


    • Increase knowledge base
    • Structure training content and delivery 
    • Measure knowledge retention 
    • Identify areas for retraining 
    • Cultivate leaders 
    icon customer


    • Stay relevant and increase engagement 
    • Solve complex business problems 
    • Collect precious customer data 
    • Enhance customer journey 

    Turn work into play for better results

    If gaming helps you reach objectives, why not encourage it? Our collection of highly popular strategic games, including ‘Super Agent’, ‘Bouncing Ball’ and ‘Engage’ are growing. Check back often to preview the latest additions. 

    super agent

    Super Agent

    A versatile mobile game with multiple missions that can be configured to suit different purposes and activities. Missions awaiting players include: QR Code, Question & Answer, Post Question, Survey and Form Filling. Super Agent works well for Employee Engagement, Training, Conferences and Events.

    Game Objectives:

    • Improve individual and team performance 
    • Base for knowledge assessment/ training 
    • Promote engagement and boost morale 
    • Collect performance data for analysis

    Bouncing Ball

    A ball token is passed around to agents who have successfully achieved a specific challenge such as sales closure, first call resolution and more.

    Game Objectives:

    • Increase individual performance
    • Boost morale and personal drive 
    • Collect performance data
    boucing ball
    orlig engage


    Focuses on motivating individuals to be your brand ambassador to obtain more leads. Missions awaiting players include: QR Code, Question & Answer, Post Question, Survey and Form Filling. ORLIG Engage works well with ORLIG Sales Management to instantly distribute and track all the leads. 

    Game Objectives:

    • Increase number of leads generated
    • Increase employee/customer engagement
    • Promote better product knowledge
    • Create brand ambassadors 

    Other strategic games available include Battleship, Badge Collector, Auction House and Steal / Thief, in addition to a collection of PBL games. Each one is designed to achieve specific objectives and drive targeted improvements.

    Join 10 countries who work smarter, better and faster with ORLIG CRM

    dashboard members learning journey

    Get the ORLIG CRM Advantage


    Optimise customer lifecycle 

    View progression through marketing, sales and service funnels. The macro view helps highlight areas to improve. 

    single platform advantage

    Single consolidated platform

    Enterprise-wide cost-effective platform lets you to track, manage and improve customer journey throughout the lifecycle.

    Bring system & people together

    Bring system & people together

    Our gamification platform helps organisations shape the service culture needed to empower teams and deliver unique customer experiences.


    Monitor anywhere, anytime

    Our mobile-enabled intelligent dashboard lets you make informed decisions on the move and react to operational challenges instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, gamification can help you change behaviours and can be used to motivate your team members. We have different games for different purposes in your operation.

    ORLIG Gamification can help to increase the engagement within the teams virtually, and you have the flexibility to design the game to address specific challenges.

    Take our “Engage” game, for example. It’s designed to encourage engagement that could help increase leads.

    By using Engage, some of our customers have enjoyed a healthy yield of more than 5X their investments. 

    Yes, ORLIG Gamification is used by many trainers to increase trainee engagement during training sessions as it encourages more feedback and helps with knowledge retention.

    How about using games to empower your Sales team?

    Digitally map sales journeys that work hand in hand with your team to nurture and optimise sales conversion.

    orlig sales management