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ORLIG Marketing Management

Create sharp, needs-driven campaigns

Profile your customers and predict their needs accurately to craft marketing campaigns that work. Communication that answers an actual need will make a difference in your sales charts.


    orlig marketing management

    Features you’ll love:

    Targeting & right timing for better ROI

    Targeting & right timing for better ROI

    ORLIG Marketing Management is packed with customer data to take the guesswork out of identifying your targets, so you can reach out to the right market segment at the right time. 

    Accurate behaviour predictions

    Our automated behaviour tracker lets you be the first to know if there are new needs. Appeal to your customers in the best way possible and take relationships to a higher level.

    Accurate behavior predictions
    Personalised digital campaigns

    Personalised digital campaigns

    By reviewing data on past conversations, product preferences and pain points, you can craft a unique marketing journey to deliver an experience that no other company can. 

    Reach out across channels

    Build your presence across various communication channels. By reaching out to customers via platforms of their choice, you’ll have their undivided attention.

    Reach out across channels

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    Optimise customer lifecycle 

    View progression through marketing, sales and service funnels. The macro view helps highlight areas to improve. 

    single platform advantage

    Single consolidated platform

    Enterprise-wide cost-effective platform lets you to track, manage and improve customer journey throughout the lifecycle.

    Bring system & people together

    Bring system & people together

    Our gamification platform helps organisations shape the service culture needed to empower teams and deliver unique customer experiences.


    Monitor anywhere, anytime

    Our mobile-enabled intelligent dashboard lets you make informed decisions on the move and react to operational challenges instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a tool to help businesses reach their target markets through effective campaigns. The objective is to encourage action by leads to generate sales. The software can benefit businesses of any size, and it ensures that limited resources, such as time and money, are fully optimised to yield results.

    It is a highly convenient technology for managing interactions with existing and potential customers. By streamlining routine marketing processes and helping companies stay connected with customers, wherever they may be, the system helps boost profitability.

    ORLIG allows you to import an external database into the system to update the customer database and also to support your campaign segmentation usage.

    Our filtering engine provides you with the flexibility to filter your data across multiple dimensions, under various conditions, and through the combination of numerous rules.

    Yes, it is included and supported with an email editor to allow you to customise the message accordingly.

    ORLIG has the capability to integrate with WhatsApp, to support message blasting mainly to registered WhatsApp accounts.

    Return on Investment functionality is bundled within the system. It provides you with the flexibility to adjust based on your experiences with conversion rates, revenue per conversion, as well as fixed and variable costs on a per-campaign basis.

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    Transform your operations with data that empower your team to maximise opportunities and delight customers.

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