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ORLIG Sales Management

Boost conversions, cut costs

Digitally map sales journeys that work hand-in-hand with your team to nurture and optimise sales conversion.


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    Features you’ll love:

    Real-time insights

    Real-time insights

    Know the status of your supporters and what your competitors are up to, so you can reorganise strategies. What’s more, this can be done automatically by turning daily transaction data into tactical, easy-to-follow steps.

    Identify hidden revenue

    Unexplored target groups? Or geographical segments you’ve simply overlooked? Discover possible blind spots across your operations using data insights.

    Identify hidden revenue
    Harness ‘needs-based’ selling

    Harness ‘needs-based’ selling

    Winning in sales involves understanding the customer’s situation and needs, and determining how to best fulfil them. By segmenting your customer base, you increase the likelihood of a successful closure.

    Space for individual touches

    With ORLIG Sales Management, your consultants can work on their individual creative strategies, while the system takes care of routine processes.

    Space for individual touches

    Our solutions are embedded with tried & tested best practices

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    Get the ORLIG CRM Advantage


    Optimise customer lifecycle 

    View progression through marketing, sales and service funnels. The macro view helps highlight areas to improve. 

    single platform advantage

    Single consolidated platform

    Enterprise-wide cost-effective platform lets you to track, manage and improve customer journey throughout the lifecycle.

    Bring system & people together

    Bring system & people together

    Our gamification platform helps organisations shape the service culture needed to empower teams and deliver unique customer experiences.


    Monitor anywhere, anytime

    Our mobile-enabled intelligent dashboard lets you make informed decisions on the move and react to operational challenges instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It guides sales people in optimising their daily schedules by highlighting priorities. The focus is to ensure that prospects and customers are attended to promptly. The key benefit of the system is to draw focus on targets that are more likely to become customers, leading to more successful closures and more customers in the portfolio. 

    Sales managers are essential to the success of a business, and their role is often a multidisciplinary one. However, their primary responsibilities are:

    • Goal-setting and guiding sales teams.
    • Creating a pathway to achieve goals through plans, budgets, and programmes.
    • Heading the implementation of all these plans.
    • Managing, measuring, and evaluating the results for further action.

    Our Sales Management CRM is designed to be the ideal partner for sales managers.

    ORLIG allows users to configure the business rules base and what needs to be tracked. It could be time to action, forecast amount, or interval time between activities, with added flexibility to track all the parameters and fields in the opportunity user interface.

    ORLIG is equipped with a best practice structural assessment questionnaire that allows each salesperson to accurately assess the probability of closure.

    Our system allows you to build the group hierarchy structure and would automatically track the sales operation number via this hierarchy structure.

    The hierarchy structure, used to map the organisation’s sales structure, dictates control of data access as well as sales roll-ups.

    Our unique hierarchical structure allows us to accurately roll up sales numbers by salesperson, team structure, reporting structure, company, and group holding structure levels.

    Sales feedback can help you build razor sharp marketing campaigns. 

    Profile your customers and predict their needs accurately to craft marketing campaigns that work. Communication that answers an actual need will make a difference in your sales charts.

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