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CEVO Message: 2023 In Review

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As we wrap up 2023, this marks the end of ORLIG’s 20th anniversary and the start of a new decade in our long journey.

I’m incredibly proud of how our CRM/CX solutions have evolved, becoming an integral part of many large enterprises today. It’s encouraging to see our solutions adopted by so many users, making us one of the largest user bases per single implementation across ASEAN.

I’m equally proud to have worked with partners and clients who have been with us for 19 years. Stakeholders in today’s business climate vote with their feet, but the vast majority have chosen to stick with us, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

2023 may only be 5% of ORLIG’s journey, but it was packed with activity and progress. It’s true what they say — time flies when you’re having fun!

Market Expansion & Cybersecurity Awareness

We’ve broken national boundaries and established a presence across the region, with ongoing projects and events with top banks within ASEAN member states.

As part of our expansion, we’ve been educating the market on better cybersecurity practices through experience labs and webinars. Our work in helping enterprises build stellar CX focuses on reducing user friction, but we also emphasize the importance of regulatory compliance.

With fraud cases on the rise, we’ve been helping companies strike a balance between user convenience and security, enabling sustainable growth. Our efforts were so well received that we were featured in three prominent newspaper publications!

Focus Internally

In 2023, we have increased our headcount by 50% in preparation for the expected growth in the years ahead.

Currently, we have a diverse cast of internal staff members, from fresh recruits to seasoned veterans who have stuck with us through thick and thin for up to 15 years. This year is also dotted with activities to demonstrate appreciation to staff members and friends for their support thus far.

UpskillingBusiness Writing Correspondence Training
Venue: SVOFO
Health & FamilyAnbiz Family Day 2023
Venue: GIBS Ecotourism Resort

In-House Blood Test
Venue: Anbiz Office

Wellness Workshop
Venue: Beacon Pharmacy and Wellness Centre
AppreciationORLIG 20th Anniversary
Venue: The Farm Restaurant

Employee Appreciation Day
Venue: Anbiz Office

Anbiz Appreciation Dinner
Venue: Tamarind Springs
ORLIG’s Internal Events in 2023

Version 6 Rollout

2023 also marks the launch of version 6 of ORLIG CRM, where we have improved our various components — namely the inbound, outbound, sales, and campaign modules.

The standout feature is omnichannel and customized e-form support. Consumers are pivoting towards digital channels, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, to perform account transactions. ORLIG CRM’s omnichannel systems consolidate all forms of communication channels into a single entry point, allowing user agents to meet customers where they are, serving them through channels with which they are comfortable.

Similarly, managing forms is a bottleneck of many bureaucratic tasks. While there are many options for online form builders, few are as tightly integrated into their enterprise CRM system. Our new e-form support aims to serve this need.

We have also introduced minor adjustments aimed at helping users gain more control over their tasks, reduce information silos, and help businesses gain more visibility over the customer’s journey. Features such as the ageing clock, improved queue management, better dashboard and summary views, all serve to bring order to the complex sales process.

Looking Forward

With the challenges of yesteryear behind us, ORLIG is ready to take on the obstacles of the future. Here are the major themes that paint 2024:

Setting up a Centre Of Excellence (COE)

Throughout the years, we have learned that technical implementation is not the biggest bottleneck in most CRM projects.

Feedback shows that business clients are constantly looking for assistance in dealing with the headaches of process mapping, customer journeys, etc. Change management is holistic, involving people, processes, and technology, and involves intense stakeholder management and expertise within the space.

ORLIG has decades of working experience in this section, and playing a more strategic role will help speed up project turnover time and ensure that the value we deliver to clients will be more sustainable and impactful.

We have trialled such a system and noticed a significant improvement in project turnaround time of up to 50%. Our COE includes workshops & trainings, CX consulting, and retainership — services that go beyond just being a software provider.


Next, ORLIG aims to make our software more accessible to all. We have already taken the first steps by introducing Omnichannel support in version 6, which makes our enterprise client’s services accessible to consumers across wider channels.

Moving forward, there will be an emphasis on better UI/UX and making software tools easier to use for agents — reducing usage friction and lowering the barrier of access for newcomers.

We also focus on making our software more accessible to markets beyond large enterprises as well. We will be catering to the SME market by providing a more streamlined version of ORLIG CRM, allowing smaller companies to easily gain access to enterprise-grade tools traditionally only made available to large companies.


We are also committed to ESG initiatives. For now, our emphasis is on creating less wastage, from a process and carbon footprint perspective.

Internally, ORLIG has introduced new workflows and software tools to increase worker productivity, which drives efficiency. We are also going fully paperless and are now in the process of extending this practice to our engagement with clients and partners as well.

Next year, ORLIG also has plans to set up social initiatives with institutions involving individuals with physical disabilities — providing upskilling and job-matching services. More details will be revealed in the upcoming months.

Finally, ORLIG is committing 1% of the company’s internal resources to social wellness and community work.

The year is coming to an end, but not our ambitions. Our friends, partners, and clients can expect a more invigorated, aspirational, and capable ORLIG in the year ahead.

Happy new year and cheers to a bright future.