international womans day

CEVO Message: International Women’s Day 2024

international womans day

Since 2003, I have carved out a space for myself in the historically male-dominated realms of IT and BFSI.

Despite facing increased scepticism and being the only woman at the table, I wear these challenges as badges of honour, investing time and effort into establishing credibility.

Despite these ongoing challenges, I have learned to harness confidence as my cornerstone of success. There were numerous instances where expressions of surprise greeted me, with comments like, “A woman in IT, that’s remarkable!”

Although seemingly complimentary, these statements unwittingly sustain and reinforce stereotypes about women in technology. I have realised that we must continuously strive to break down archetypes, replacing these surprises with acceptance as the norm.

A valuable lesson I have embraced over my journey is the importance of introspection and self-awareness. In the quiet moments after work, reflecting on recent events, analysing my current position, evaluating my business relationships, and acknowledging mistakes committed have become instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey.

Let me tell you, the path to self-realisation isn’t always comfortable, but it is necessary. Acknowledging these personal and professional gaps serves as a catalyst for growth, evolution, and empowerment.

There is a common misconception that as an entrepreneur, you need to be a master of all trades. In my journey, it has been more about identifying personal strengths — in my case, project management and attention to detail — and leaning into them.

I express my gratitude towards Ms. Atikah Ahmad for demonstrating how women can effectively command attention and respect within the industry. Her resilience and unwavering commitment to her work serve as an inspiration. She has generously guided and shaped me into a more proficient leader.

Furthermore, I wish to extend my commendation to the women in my current team, as well as those who have collaborated with me in the past. Despite the demands of managing both family and professional responsibilities, they have consistently showcased exceptional dedication and commitment to their work. Their contributions are truly invaluable.

I’d like to specifically acknowledge Ms. Hee Chee Kim, Ms. Nik Armalina, Ms. Hayatun, Ms. Nurul Aini, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Farah Johari, Ms. Lai Vin Cee, Ms. Yue Tai Then, Ms. Tan Lee Lee, and many others who have made significant contributions.

The journey of a woman entrepreneur can be a lonely road, mainly because we are few and access to resources is scarce. While independence is admirable, interdependence results in success. If you are a woman entrepreneur under B40 segment seeking mentorship/ guidance, please reach out to Communities such as ours can offer the support you need, as we have experienced and navigated many of the challenges you face.

I am deeply dedicated to uplifting and empowering women entrepreneurs through my participation in women empowerment programs and my business initiatives. This International Women’s Day, I want you to remember: embracing and acknowledging your areas of improvement doesn’t belittle you; it emboldens you. It makes you not just a better entrepreneur, but a stronger woman.

I appreciate you, and let’s raise a glass to all those determined women entrepreneurs making a difference. Happy International Women’s Day.


Yvonne Ng