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8 Benefits of an Email-SMS Integrated Campaign For Business

If you are looking for the easiest and quickest ways to reach your target audience, an integrated email-SMS marketing campaign may be right for your business.

You need to harness the latest trends in marketing technology in order to successfully connect with your audience. Email and SMS are two extremely effective means of communication, and integrating the two only makes them more powerful.

An email-SMS integrated campaign allows you to reach out to customers and deliver personal messages to them.

The following are the benefits of email and SMS marketing campaigns:

1. They Drive Instantaneous Results

SMS marketing is short and concise, and brings an element of urgency. Users are on their smartphones almost throughout the day, and they will most definitely check it as soon as they receive your text or email. Since SMSes are concise, people expect them to contain important information without any unnecessary words.

Email-SMS integrated campaign


This is one of the reasons why SMS campaigns have a very high response rate. People choose to read messages and take action immediately.

2. They Deliver Your Message Quickly

Once you have devised a proper strategy for your Email-SMS integrated campaign, it won’t take you long to write out the actual SMSes or emails that you want to send.

Segment your customer lists appropriately and design the right emails for them so that you can easily deliver your message to them.

Once you study each customer segment and learn their behaviours, you can quickly and effortlessly write out your messages to them.

3. They Have High Response Rates

When you compare marketing channels like social media, SMS stands first in terms of response rates.

A simple reason to explain this is that SMS is a much shorter and easier-to-consume form of content than other forms such as blog posts or social media posts.



This is also due to the fact that SMSes are easy to access and read quickly when the user is on-the-go. While outside on an errand or at the office, it is much more convenient for people to glance through an SMS and instantly get the message. This is not the case for blog posts and social media content that need a lot of time to read and understand.

4. They Provide You With an Engaged Customer Base

Email lists and SMS lists have people who have chosen to hear from you and learn more about your business. Other forms of content such as social media and blog posts can be shared, but they do not have a targeted recipient.

People generally are prompted to confirm their email address or enter a certain code that is sent to them if they want to receive your messages. This means they are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thus your business has a high quality subscriber base that wants to hear from you and are genuinely interested in learning more about your products and services.

5. Email and SMS Work Better Together

You can convey short and simple to-peruse SMS messages about new items that you are propelling.

Individuals have relatively little time to peruse, so you can simply send them the significant stuff by means of content.

Email-SMS integrated campaign


Be that as it may, how would you tell your client what the advantages of the new item are and how it can help them in their adventure?

This is the place email advertising becomes an integral factor.

At the point when you use email and SMS advertising in mix, you can convey brief messages about new dispatches to your group of spectators, while the more juicier subtleties on every one of the highlights of the new item and how it can support your clients, you can send through email.

6. Avoid Spam Filters

SMS doesn’t have a spam filter, in contrast to email

Email marketing has the appalling obstruction of spam dividers by email specialist co-ops.

Spam channels have become so strong nowadays because of the expansion in spam and phishing endeavors.

SMS advertising, notwithstanding, doesn’t have this test as cell phones don’t have spam filters. Your SMS message is in this manner quite often conveyed to each client on your list.

At the point when email promoting is utilized alongside sms advertising, the outcomes could be very amazing.

7. Email And SMS Advertising Work In Unique Ways

SMS advertising is generally utilized for fast reactions from your client base.

For example, you have a flash sale or another restricted period offer. You need clients to rapidly become acquainted with what the deal or offer is about and settle on a choice as quickly as time permits.

SMS marketing contacts individuals right away and it doesn’t require a lot of exertion for them to peruse and get the message.



Email promoting, then again, is valuable for long haul objectives, for example, building client connections, expanding mindfulness about a specific issue, or instructing your clients on another item or administration that you are advertising.

Both are similarly significant, and when they work together, you’ve got double the horse-power!

8. Adding Another Promoting Channel Is Simple

If you happen to have an email advertising campaign set up, it becomes all the more simple for you to begin SMS promoting.

You have just manufactured a solid client base that is waiting to receive notifications from you, and they expect to get fast SMS messages from your organization.

As of now, you understand you customer base and how they behave. Your rundown is now prepared by your automated email campaigns, so you don’t need to stress over beginning your client relationship without any preparation.

Focusing on specific fragments in your intended interest group is additionally simple since you as of now have involvement in client division and have enough data to comprehend your client base.

Be that as it may, you should utilize a couple of new techniques with SMS marketing, as SMS isn’t altogether equivalent to email promoting.

Making email and SMS advertising work together will be only natural if you want your business to succeed and move forward.

Each channel has its own worth and benefits, and making a methodology with the two channels will enable your business to build its return on initial capital investment.

Tips To Incorporate in Your Email And SMS Campaigns

Advertising is a comprehensive effort and all promoting instruments ought to be utilized solidly. 68% of organizations have coordinated their portable advertising procedure with their whole marketing technique.

Today, mobile is the essential touchpoint in the automated marketing strategy. 34% of endorsers utilize just cell phones to check their sends. All in all, have you improved the utilization of the cell phone to reach your client?

Why Coordinate Email and SMS? 

Sending SMS can cost higher than messages, however incorporating messages with SMS will enable you to arrive at your clients at an increasingly close to home level, where you can advance unique and selective offers, SMS codes and request rating or input.

82% of respondents in a review shared that they open each sm that grounds in their inbox. 90% of all SMS are perused inside only 3 minutes. All in all, if the two messages and SMS lead you to the shopper through a typical portal, at that point why not coordinate them?

Here is the means by which you can do it

1. Keeping clients educated: 

At first, you register on the site and enter your portable number, you are approached to confirm your number. When it’s set, alarms are sent through email and SMS battles. One extraordinary component of SMS battles is the utilization of mechanized triggers which can be set once the client enlists on the site.

Sharing a screen

In light of the set inclinations it sends you recommendations through SMS. On the other hand, messages are sent as well. Since instant messages are opened rapidly they are liked. SMS and messages are synchronized in a way that when a SMS is sent to the client an email is sent simultaneously. Along these lines, the SMS prompts you to open the email and visit their site.

2. Request the board and offers (limits and coupons): 

A few organizations urge clients to monitor their requests through SMS and messages. When you put in the request, a SMS and an email are sent to you, which causes you to track your request status and subtleties. Value-based messages are mainstream since they have multiple times more opens and snaps when contrasted with some other kind of email. Additionally, they can create multiple times more income.

Additionally, you can routinely advise clients about the most recent limits to continue charming them and drawing in them to put in a request. This is an approach to reliably stay in contact with the client through email and SMS reconciliation.

3. Significant data to be spread: 

Banks consistently educate their clients through SMS and messages about the exchanges clients make through their plastic, charge card and at the bank. They additionally wish clients on significant events and send notices about the client’s record balance. This keeps the client educated about significant changes in their records.

News About Latest Events

On the off chance that you have an event coming up, individuals have enrolled in it and you are speaking with them by means of messages. However, why not send SMS notifications solely to individuals who have shown enthusiasm for your event? A SMS turns into a progressively customized type of correspondence for this situation. On the off chance that your business requires an earlier arrangement, sending an update SMS with your email reminding your clients about their arrangement.

Taking notes


When you incorporate SMS and email advertising it spares time as you can scrutinize your email campaign metrics to figure out when you got the best reaction.

For this equivalent data, you can check SMS measurements. Clients who miss browsing your email could check the SMS and the other way around. In this manner, mix amplifies your advertising effort.

A durable email and SMS promoting methodology will get you closer to your vision.

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