How to Market a New Insurance CRM Idea?

In our other articles, customers were the end-users. This article takes a viewpoint where the insurers are our end-users here. 

So you have a new insurance CRM idea, and you are looking to market it successfully. 

The old techniques have become like a stale ad  and everyone is trying to win over their customers by shooting promotional mails. It is not that effective anymore!

You own a blog, you comment, you share it on your social media profiles and request your followers to spread the word. Your competitor is doing that too.

So how do you woo your customers to try your new idea? You will first need to understand how insurance industry utilizes CRM .

Let us find out how.

Ways to market your new insurance CRM idea

1. Employ the notion of video

A great way to tell the world about your new venture is via video marketing. It is incredibly engaging, and most of the B2B clients are going to sit through your video presentation if you do it the right way.

An easy way to market your CRM idea would be to create a demo or several demos of your software and its capabilities and launch them not only on your website but all over social media too.

You never know who it might impress, and they come running to give your product a try!

2. Induce a call-to-action for a higher reach

Call-to-action or CTAs are an important way to market your digital products. It urges your potential customers to take a leap of faith and delve into your product. A good CTA can change the dynamics entirely and lead to a higher conversion rate.

Make sure that you understand your audience well before you create CTAs for your newest idea. Once you fathom your to-do list, create multiple CTAs, and pace them individually on every relevant web page.

3. Make sure the content is fresh and relevant

Although we assume that most of you know and understand it, it is yet the side where marketers are often found wanting. When in B2B space, you must keep up with the ever-changing tech scenario.

What it means is that before you begin pitching for your latest endeavor, you must go through the latest trends in the industry to make sure that you differentiate your idea, and it feels relevant for the B2B customers.

4. Do not try offline modes; go fully digital

No B2B marketing is possible offline today.

With the world moving so fast to get digitalized, it is only fit that you try the online mode to woo your customers. Do not bank on a single medium for all your activities; make sure that you use multiple platforms, including social media, to tell the world about your products.

On the flipside, find ways to convert your offline marketing ideas to feasible online ones.

5. Begin an Email campaign

Emails are not going out of fashion just yet. So why not harness their energy to market your new CRM idea?

You will find several organizations offering ready-made templates for your campaign, and you can twist them to suit your insurance audience. Make sure you optimize them to ensure that they reach the farthest and have maximum impact.

6. Pay attention to your audience

In today’s age, you need not shell a massive sum on marketing to win your audience. All it needs is paying attention to the latest customer trends and creating a pitch that suits them.

For that, you will have to gather data and carefully analyze the antics. Understand who is going to buy your product, who are attentive to your pitches, and what you can do to make them try your product.

If your campaign does not target the right customer group, all you can expect is a shabby conversion rate, and that won’t make you happy!

7. Use your expertise to leverage the pitch

When you are trying to make a mark in the B2B space, it is unnecessary to mention that you possess knowledge in specific fields already.

It is only fitting that you showcase them to the insurance client while pitching your new CRM idea. You can publish e-guides, e-books, or seminars to show your abilities to the world, and you are more likely to find clients for your newest tryst with technology.

8. Use automated marketing

Technology has taken tremendous strides in the last few years. So much so, that automated marketing has become a thing in the B2B space too.

With the help of marketing automation, you can take care of lead generation, data analytics, data management, and several other daunting tasks easily.


The digital age has made it possible for us to use endless ways to market your products. Some of them stand tried and tested, whereas others are comparatively unexplored. You can use those that leverage your content and make sure that your new CRM idea reaches the potential client just as the way you deem.

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